RICH REVIEWS: Deep in the Wood

Deep in the Wood

Scare yourself senseless with “Deep in the Wood“ this June!
There is something wrong with their son.
The unnerving Deep in the Wood premieres on Demand June 13 from Uncork’d Entertainment.
Tommi, a 4-year-old child, disappears during an annual Krampus festival. Five years later, a child was found nameless and without documents. DNA matches — He is Tommi. Manuel, the father, can finally embrace his son. The mother, Linda, however, can not adapt to the new situation. Suspicion digs inside her: What if that child is not really her son?

Filippo Nigro, Camilla Filippi, Giovanni Vettorazzo, Teo Achille Caprio, Stefano Pietro Detassis, Maria Vittoria Barrella, Roberto Gudese, and Luca Filippi star in “a terrifying horror movie to scare yourself senseless with,” ( from Stefano Lodovichi.

The DVD will be available Sep 27.


Directed by:
Stefano Lodovichi
Writing Credits:
Isabella Aguilar
Stefano Lodovichi
Davide Orsini
Cast (in credits order):
Filippo Nigro … Manuel Conci
Camilla Filippi … Linda Weiss
Giovanni Vettorazzo … Pietro Weiss
Teo Achille Caprio … Tommi 9 anni
Stefano Pietro Detassis … Hannes Ortner
Maria Vittoria Barrella … Else
Roberto Gudese … Flavio
Luca Filippi … Dimitri
Andrea Brunello … Don Salvo
Uber. Beatrice … Clara Tozzi
Alessandro Corabi … Tommi 4 anni
Luca Di Giovanni … Opinionista
Ermanno De Biagi … Psicologo
Antonella Arseni … Marika Nardi
Gaetano di Vaio … Commissario Napoli
Roberta Barbiero … Psicologa Napoli
Rocco Rampino … Operai Napoli
Claudio Colavecchia … Operai Napoli
Simon Pliger … Krampus Incubo

Produced by:
Roberto Amoroso … executive producer
Giovanna Arata … Sky producer
Manuela Cacciamani … producer
Nicola Fedrigoni … line producer
Nils Hartmann … executive producer
Andrea Nocetti … Sky producer
Sonia Rovai … executive producer

Run Time: 1 hr, 28 min, 37 sec
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a foreign film and subtitled from Italy.
A four-year-old boy disappears. Then five years later Tommi returns.
The movie starts quite. Then things start to happen. Some people begin to think he may not be Tommi. The film does drag on in between little incidents occurring. There are some emotional moments. We do get to see how hard this situation is all his family.
The movie is very low key. You find yourself hoping something will happen. When things really pick up and start happening they certainly do and are unexpected. You will never see this coming.
The actors really shine in the last part of this movie. You will feel sorry for all involved.
This movie is not so much a horror one as a psychological thriller. The build up is slow but when it gets there the film delivers a stunning ending that will leave you speechless.

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