RICH REVIEWS: Deadskins Part One 

Title: Deadskins Part One
Publisher: Fried Comics
Written by: Clay Adams and Alexandre O. Philippe
Art by: Leila del Duca
Colors by: Brett Nienburg
Covers by: Ben Templesmith and Takashi Okazaki
Price: $ 2.99 US, free digital
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: A man gets on-board a train. He shares a compartment with a lady who is annoying. She goes on and on about having sex with her birds. He falls asleep and awakens to a nightmare. What he sees is a charnel house.
The comic starts out slow and then starts getting a build up in terror.
Why is all this happening? Who is this man who was on the train?
The use of red in this otherwise black and white comic does make the scenes pop out at you.
The man gets to a town and wonders around he still has his flowers for his girl. By now you just want answers as to what is going on here.
The man Shane is looking for his girl Annie and with all the dead folks on the train and in town plus the town’s folk who are missing he is trying to figure this mystery out.
Shane is a common guy who has just had his whole life turned upside down and has no clue as to why.




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