RICH REVIEWS: Dead of Winter: Good Good Dog # 2

Title: Dead of Winter: Good Good Dog # 2
Publisher: Oni Press
Written by: Kyle Starks
Illustrated and Colored by: Gabriel “Gabo” Bautista
Lettered by: Crank!
Cover: Brian Hurtt and Colored by Bill Crabtree
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Mr. Haney dressed as Santa is outside with his dog trying to eat a young woman. Turns out they know each other.
A couple people are stuck in a police station. The police officer we see is strange and violent. The way he is illustrated you just know something is wrong with him.
The people besides Santa and the Cop are drawn looking really young. At first glance, you might think they are kids.
Annaleigh is an assertive person if need be. With zombies all around though it is not enough.
You do need to have read the first issue or played the game to fully understand what is going on here.
Zombies are out in force and they want humans to eat. The zombies are drawn well and they look how you would expect them to.
The Cop now he is an amazing character in his insane weird style. This Cop is crazy and drawn to look it. Crazy Cop vs zombies which will win.
The group of humans though minus one make a run for it with more zombies than you can count in pursuit.
The zombie apocalypse is here!

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