RICH REVIEWS: Days Missing: Enox

Title: Days Missing: Enox
Publisher: Archaia/Roddenberry
Written by: Phil Hester
Art by: Felipe Watanabe
Colors by: Cirque Studios
Letters by: AndWorld Design
Edited by: Paul Morrissey & Tony Ireland Mell
Executive Editors: Trevor Roth & Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry
Created by: Trevor Roth
Cover Art: Dale Keown
Price: $ 24.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: The Steward has a son Enox and Enox wants them to rule mankind. The Steward though has been and is mankind’s protector.
Enox reforms the group the Black Hand and they bring terror to the world through terrorism. He plans to destroy the world and remake it better.
The Steward can relive a day and fix things to make it better for the human race. Enox can and does undo these days. He remakes them to make them as worst as he can. So one fights to save people and the other to destroy them.
This Enox is one cold blooded killer.
Dr. Kate Prosper is the main character in this book. She is just a human but she knows what is going on and she knows who the main players are on the field.
Enox is truly evil but he thinks what he does is right. He is using the people of the world to lure out the Steward it is just not working so far. Enox thinks his father the Steward will end up joining him.
Mac, Kate and the Steward have a world going to hell around them. They are all that stand between Enox and his Black Hand. Everything that could go wrong in the world has thanks to Enox.
The art is to vague at times with faces lacking details. The close ups are a bit better but still need work. It would be nice to see more emotions.
The final battle comes down to the Steward vs Enox and it is a battle unlike any seen before. After the battle than the hard part starts. The ending to this trilogy may not be what you expected but it is what should be.

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