RICH REVIEWS: Dark Specter 2

Title: Dark Specter 2
From: SMT Entertainment

Bertrand/Dark Specter – Bruce Nachsin
Vibraboom – Mark Iverson
Lilly Liebitski –  Judy Nezemetz
Melonie Keegan – Kellimarie Brown
Bart Stanton – Kevin Flood
Truck victim – Zoey Moses
Vibraboom’s girlfriend – Mathilde Pareja Olivi
Lawyer 1 – Alana De Freitas
Lawyer 2 – Chris Viij
Lawyer 3 – Rena Loveman
Mysterious voice – Richard Tatum

Directed by: Richard Tatum
Written by: Bruce Nachsin
Executive Producers: Bruce Nachsin, Richard Tatum, Manuel Gutierrez
Producers: Chad Finnerty, Jaimie Lee Finnerty


Run Time: 9 min, 18 sec
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Dark Specter finds himself in a hard-pressed battle as this short movie opens. The energy blasts are flying fast and furious.
The actors delivery wonderful performances. The mother is such a great character and one you will love instantly. Dark Specter is a murderous supervillain yet you get the feeling he is not all bad.
There is a fun side to this film too. This is a low budget film yet what they did with what they had turned out great. The costumes look great. The special effects are stunning. The energy blasts are exciting to see. The short battle is thrilling.
Dark Specter steals the show he may not be the next Dr. Doom or Joker but he has a unique way about him that is creepy and frightening.

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