RICH REVIEWS: Danger Doll Squad # 2

Title: Danger Doll Squad # 2
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Jason Martin with Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton
Artwork by: Marco Maccagni
Colored by: Marcelo Costa
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Cover A-B: Winston Young
Cover C-D: Dan Mendoza
Cover E-F: Marco Maccagni
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The three dolls are in a fight for their lives. As the three ladies navigate through Ivan’s CPU they encounter giant monsters. The girls do battle their way through the monsters in ghost busting style.
These three hot sexy babes though are not shown off at all though. Their sexiness you do not get to see. The overall art needed to show off the battles better as well. Three babes fighting dinosaur-like monsters and it is not all that exciting. Zombie Tramp losses her head even and it is so what type attitude.
There needs to be a lot more excitement in this series. Plus a better use of poses both for showing off the fighting and the babes.
The three babes are treated equally in this issue as a team which works best. They are three of the best looking babes around at least here in their faces.

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