RICH REVIEWS: Danger Devil # 1

Title: Danger Devil # 1
Publisher: Source Point Press
Writer: Tony Wright
Artist: Joseph Haeemmerie
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating:  2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Two girls Xenia Urbana and Beatty are being chased by Jenny Deathwood. Jenny works for a demoness and Jenny is in command of some creepy looking little demons.
Danger Devil joins the battle and Kid Diabla they start out hitting hard but they get hit back even harder.
The story has you wondering who all these people are and why they are fighting. Some background information is needed. What is the Mystic Bureau? Who are Danger Devil and Kid Diabla? Why should we care about them?
Jenny, it turns out does have a bunch of little demons but she also has one huge one. It does look like a powerhouse of destruction.
All the females illustrated in the battles are drawn fairly plainly. They need to be in some exciting poses.
The story moves along slowly. The few characters in it are boring for the most part. The magical aspect of the people’s powers is not explained at all.
Danger Devil and Kid Diabla may be the next mystical Batman and Robin yet they have a long way to go to get there. The demons being commanded are the scariest thing in this comic. If you ever met one in a dark alley you would run.

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