RICH REVIEWS: Damaged Inc. # 3

Title: Damaged Inc. # 3
Publisher: Scattered Comics
Pencils, Ink, Letters, and Story by: James Burton
Colors by: Miguel Marques
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Some guys hunting metahumans. Tonight they are hunters three supernaturals. The three woman are cutely illustrated so these evil creatures will draw you in before the kill.
The werewolf chick is drawn to show her evil feral side.
Brain one of the Damage Inc. crew has powers. He can generate and release electricity.
As Damage Inc. faces off against the three creatures of evil all hell breaks loose and not from them. Vombies attack!
The vampire baddie is a hot cutey in black. The witch is powerful and the werewolf is tough just not as tough as she thinks she is.
The characters you need to know more about to care more about them.
The story of monster hunters and monsters is one that works. Plus you will come back just to learn what a Vombie is.

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