RICH REVIEWS: Cthulhu Williams # 0

Title: Cthulhu Williams # 0: Dreamer’s Gate/Rough Stuff
Publisher: Big Tim’s Funny Books
Front Cover & Front Interior Cover: Mortimer Glum
Written by: Tim Stiles
Illustrated by: Mortimer Glum
Rough Stuff Cover by: Jay Defoy
Interior Layout & Design: S. Greenleaf
Dreamer’s Gate:
Writer & Creator: Tim Stiles
Artist: Mortimer Glum
Rough Stuff:
Mister Grey: Transmogrification
Writer: Tim Stiles
Artist: threefallingleaves
Cthulhu Williams: Daemon
Writer: Tim Stiles
Artist: William Hodge
Rough Stuff: Character Designs: Cairo Oliveira, William Hodge, Mortimer Glum
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Dreamer’s Gate
Cthulhu Williams and a woman and a creature called Grey are on a case to find a missing six-year-old girl. A Grey an alien?
Cthulhu and Grey find things that indicate that devil worshipers may be involved. Meanwhile the woman, Trixx is gathering information and finding more than that.
So the three do go after the kidnapper and they already know who he is since they call him by name the Tallman. How did they know this? This issue has lots of unanswered questions. Some mystery is fine but just not explaining things does not work.
Who is Trixx? Where did Grey come from is he really an alien? Who is Cthulhu and why does he hunt monsters.
The action is exciting yet over fast. The scenes with the Tallman do have a frightening look in the art. The Tallman is a monster. Cthulhu is shown with special talents that make him a good monster hunter.
Cthulhu Williams Rough Stuff
This section tells us a bit more about who Grey and Trixx are. It does not fully explain them but there is a little information about them. Not much about Cthulhu though.
“Mister Grey: Transmogrification
Grey is shown learning about humans through TV where else would an alien learn about us.
Cthulhu Williams: Daemon” 
  This is different Cthulhu is inside a video game fighting a demon while Mr. Grey controls him as he plays the game.
The pin-ups of the three main characters are well done and do convey their personalities. 

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