RICH REVIEWS: Cryptids, Creatures & Critters

Title: Cryptids, Creatures & Critters: A Manual of Monsters & Mythos from Around the World (TPB)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Writer/Artist: Rachel Quinney
Other Artists: Bavarii, Caiti Gray, Cory McGowan, Fungii Draws, Halloween, Hari Conner, Junijwi, Lyndsey Green Illustration, Morrighan Corbel, Rachel Cush, Tengurine
Price: $ 19.99 US, $ 26.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Pages: 212
Comments: This book features 90 different creatures from around the world.
“Cryptids” These are creatures such as Big Foot and the pictures that accompany the descriptions are all ages friendly. You get a brief write-up about each creature. The Chupacabra is included here. The Flathead Lake Monster is a water-based cryptid. The Flatwoods Monster is an alien and there is even a festival to celebrate it.
There are so many of these cryptids and they come in a large variety.
A Jackalope is a vicious rabbit/antelope hi-bred that is dangerous.
The Mongolian Death Worm is one big worm. You would not want to meet one or even see one. The Mothman is another famous cryptid. This being is part human in looks. The Wolpertinger is beautifully illustrated here.
“Folklore” A Aswang is a creature from the Philippines and this is one mothers want to avoid. Buschgroßmutter is the Queen of the Moss people and is from Germany. A Seas Monk/Bishop Fish is a weird-looking creature. A Tatzelwurm looks like a snake and cat combined yet it is a type of dragon. Luckily it stays away from humans.
Ya-Te-Veo and Carnivorous flora have many tales of trees and plants that drink blood or eat flesh.
“Mythology” all of these creatures are found all over the world and from many different religions and cultures. The Ao Ao is a gigantic sheep with fangs and this would frighten anyone. Gashadokuro are skeletons and are well illustrated here. Have you ever wondered what you get if you combine a smake and an elephant you get a Gootslang? Medusa of course is listed here and the drawing accompanying her description is beautifully done. It is so nicely colored too.
There is a nude T&A within these pages.
Pegasus is a winged horse that served Zeus. He is a majestic beat.
You will learn a lot reading this and even if you well read this subject you most likely will find facts here that you did not know.
This is a wonderful collection of cryptids, creatures, and critters from around the world and all are wonderfully described and illustrated. You will learn and enjoy yourself with this book.

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