Title: Crazed
Genre: Horror/Action

Kane Hodder and R.A Mihailoff get Crazed this October!
Get “Crazed” this October thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment!

Horror icons Kane Hodder (Jason Goes to Hell) and R.A Mihailoff (Texas Chainsaw Massacre III) join Michael McCarthy and Jordan Elizabeth in the wickedest and bloodiest revenge thriller since The Crow.

On digital 10/4 and DVD on 11/8, “Crazed” is a pulsating tale of justice from the dark alleys of Harbor City, with crazed vigilante cop Ronan Pierce(McCarthy) out to avenge the loss of his family to the evil Luna Cartel. Responsible for both his daughter’s death and his wife’s abduction, the Cartel enslaves thousands of young women from around the world and harvests organs from its other victims. Pierce delivers horrific punishment to an assortment of psychotic criminals on his way to bloody justice.

Scripted by Kevin A. McCarthy and Michael McCarthy and directed by Kevin McCarthy (with guest director Edward Payson), “Crazed” pierces this October from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Cast: Michael McCarthy, Wade Gallagher, Brad Potts, Harry Aspinwall, Jordan Elizabeth, Kane Hodder, Joel Wynkoop, Robert Crayton, Rick Montgomery, Circus-Szalewski, James Knowton, David Astone, Tovah Duffaut, Heidi Pitts, Patrick Curran, R.A. Mihailoff, Ariel Zuckerman

Directed by: Kevin A McCarthy
Produced & Written by: Kevin A McCarthy & Michael McCarthy
Screenplay by: Michael McCarthy
Guest Director & Executive Producer: Edward Payson
Cinematagrapher: Alex Van Brane
Edited by: Kevin A McCarthy
Music Composed by: Frantz Widmaier

Run Time: 98 min.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Comments: This is one dark movie. There are some sick and twisted individuals shown in this movie.
Ronan Pierce a cop is shown delivering justice to criminals. He comes across as crazed as he hands out his justice. He has a raspy voice that adds so much to his character, it makes him sound so tough.
The film does deliver lots of violence and fighting. As the movie goes on it becomes harder to follow the story. It is over the top, way over the top. It is great to see people who deserve it getting just what they deserve.
Ronan is out to take down anyone who abuses females. You hurt females or worse and he will kill you.
The film will remind you somewhat of the Punisher movies. A one man war on crime.
The main man behind it all, all the raping, torture, killing, harvesting of organs is one sick man. Mr. Luna and his men especially Logan are all sick twisted killers.
There are topless girls plus the violence so this is a mature movie.
It is wonderful in this dark and twisted movie to see the victims being able to met out some justice of their own.
The things you see in this film you know could never be this over the top in real life but the situations they represent could be and are real.
Ronan makes for the perfect solution to one awful problem.

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