RICH REVIEWS: Comic-con and the Business of Pop Culture

Title: Comic-con and the Business of Pop Culture
Publisher: Last Word Audio
Author: Rob Salcowhite
Read by: Colby Elliott
Price: $ 18.99 US, $ 27.75 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This audio recording is from the book “Comic-con and the Business of Pop Culture” by Rob Salcowhite. Colby Elliot does have a nice soft sounding voice as he reads this book.
Comic-con has contributed to our culture. Rob is a comic fan as well as in the business. Comic-con’s are big business and for attendees expensive and troublesome to book a room such as at the San Diego Comic-con.
Comics are more than just a hobby. People of all ages and backgrounds do get involved with comics on one level or another. More than just buying comics goes on at these cons.
The comic industry seems to be going away from comics books. Movies, graphic novels, digital are all becoming and have been for a while more popular. Digital comics are starting to replace paper ones.
You will learn about the business of comic books. This audiobook will give you a great idea of what it is like to attend a comic-con if you never have. Lots of different creators are mentioned. The stuff that goes on besides comic books is mentioned here.
Comics have moved into so many other areas and not just movies. Digital comics are becoming bigger and PDF files.
Online sites are used to fund comics and there is print on demand sites for comics.
Comics as well have lots of non-super-hero ones outside of the main two comic companies.
What is the future of Pop Culture? Only the fans can decide that.
The passion Rob Salcowhite has for comics does come through in this book. The book after a while does start to drag on. Rob also knows about the business side of comics. He is a mix of a fan and a businessman.
This book is very well presented as an audiobook. It is well read and well written.

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