RICH REVIEWS: Coffin Bound # 1

Title: Coffin Bound # 1
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Dan Watters
Artist/Cover: Dani
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A gothic-looking woman sits in a weird ramshackle house with a strange creature. Then, of course, a gunfight breaks out. Izzy is ill-prepared.
The Eartheater comes for Izzy. This creature is something else. When you see it you will know fear. The art on him is in your face. His actions are unsightly. There is more to the Eartheater than at first you would expect.
Izzy makes a choice. She shall unlive.
The characters are off the wall and over the top and unlike anything you have encountered before. Some characters are not explained who they are.
The stripper scene is one you need to see. Well if you’re into being scared for life.
This is a great start to this series and Izzy is one amazingly different character.
The setting seems mystical and post-apocalyptic in nature. Izzy fits right in as she moves to unfit in.

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