RICH REVIEWS: Clown Man # 1

Title: Clown Man # 1
Publisher: Wicked Comics
Creator/Writer/Artist: Carlos Farias
Price:  $ 9.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Circus is in town. The various acts are shown performing and then it is time for the clown act. Chris Mason is the Clown in this circus. He is love with Sura a gypsy and she with him.
The art style does have an amateurish look to it. It is a little weird yet somehow it suits the story and it works well.
In Dark City, a local crime boss comes to the circus and wants his take. From here things start to go bad.
The crime Boss has a Gatling Gun that is called a Tommy Gun in this issue. They are different.
For Chris, this turns into the worst night of his life. Here too we see the origin of Clown Man. He is born in death and horror. Chris is now on the road to vengeance.
Murder Mask is a serial killer and he is out to get one clown. Things are heating up.
Chris Mason is the Clown Man and if you hurt his friends he is coming for you.

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