RICH REVIEWS: Clash of the Courtesans

Title: Clash of the Courtesans (GN)
Publisher: One Old Dude Publishing, LLC
Characters and Story by: Boris Belderian
Illustrated by: Vince Velikov
Price: $ 11.99 US Digital
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A knight on a horse saves the maiden fair. Is it a dream? Why does it flip back and forth in time periods? This moment has next to nothing to do with the story.
Cinderella Jones aka “The Rose” is one of the main characters.
Things in Storyville are weird.
Madam Raina, Big Red, Edda, Luna, Arabella these are from one house and from the other Madam Zara, Bertha, Hilma and more from both whore houses which is slowly revealed as you read. Rose joins Madam Raina’s house.
The art illustrating the ladies is gorgeously done.
There are a lot of characters in this book so many it hard to keep track of them all. We do learn a little about each person.
Now a fight is set up with each house bringing a fighter. Madam Raina’s fighter faces Madam Zara’s. This is a big event in town. There is lots more than just a fight going on as is revealed.
This comic has full nudity and sexual situations plus violence.
Things do start building and both Madam’s push harder. This leads to a war twenty vs twenty of each’s best women fighters. Forty whores battle to the death.
Everything that has happened is based on revenge. A woman scorned is a dangerous thing indeed.
This is a drama with plenty of action and tons of violence. Women are the most deadly and they will and do fight and kill for what they want. Revenge creates so much hatred and it all comes to a boil here. Things will never be the same for the town of Storyville.

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