RICH REVIEWS: Clash of the Classics: Don Quixote Fights the War of the Worlds

Title: Clash of the Classics: Don Quixote Fights the War of the Worlds (One Shot)
Publisher: Kypsel
Writer: Tom Pinchuk
Art: Nikos Koutsis
Letterers: Sean Konot, Patrick McEvoy
Price: €2.50
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The alien Martians are on the move and attacking a small village. Don Quixote enters the fray. For an old man Don Quixote knows how to fight the Martian giants.
Having Don Quixote fighting the Martian invaders is definitely new and totally different.
The aliens walking vehicles appear to be made out of wood. Don with his sword and lance easily pierces them. Don is a determined man.
Don Quixote does the unthinkable. The art on Mars is amazing the Martians are just illustrated wonderfully to show off their alieness. Don is illustrated to fit the time period and he has a look of a knight just his appearance does seem a little off which does match his character.
Don Quixote is a men who may not be entirely right in the head. He has a squire who does help him out. Don though does just rush head first into places where no one would. He does not see the dangers or understand the foolishness of what he does.
Don does come across as a hero as he fights to save mankind one Martian at a time.

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