RICH REVIEWS: Chloe & Cartoon # 1

Title: Chloe & Cartoon # 1: When Chloe First Met Her Cat, Cartoon (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Greg Tessier
Art and Color: Aandine
Translation: Joe Johnson
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Price: & 8.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here is how Chloe and Cartoon came to be together. The cartoon does have trouble adjusting to his new home. Misty and her family do work on it and there is fun involved. Watching a cat makes itself at home is cute. The cartoon has fun adjusting to its new surroundings.
Why are Chloe and Misty both used as the girl’s name? It is weird the way it switches back and forth.
Chloe’s dad and Cartoon do not get along. The cat really does hate him.
The whole family does get involved with Cartoon. He does seem to bring the family closer together as they fawn over him.
This book also educates you about cats and why they do what they do and how to make life easier for them and you.
The art delivers beautiful characters that are living an adventure together with one of the cutest cats ever.
Chloe is one cute girl and her family is fun to watch yet it is Cartoon the cat who steals the show. The cartoon is such a fun-loving cat. You will fall in love with him.

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