RICH REVIEWS: Chloe # 6: Green Thumb

Title: Chloe # 6: Green Thumb (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Greg Tessier
Art and Color: Amandine
Translation: Joe Johnson & Nanette McGuinness
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chloe, Fatouma, Mark, and Anissa are all working together on a school project about the environment. Anissa has two of her BBFs join her plus there are others. They are making an environmental garden. Now Chloe learns that it is work and she also learns that she can have fun doing it.
Chloe though does get into going Green too much as she overdoes it. Anissa is Chloe’s rival at school and their competition comes close to sabotaging the good being done. Chloe though finally stays on track and works for the better of the planet. She does what she thinks is right.
The pinups in between chapters are beautiful illustrations of Chloe. She is drawn as such a cute girl.
Here we see cyberbullying and how the internet is used to spread fake news and rumors. These can all be used to hurt others. None of these are things that should be done. Chloe does bring awareness of the problem and steps to help with it. She also realizes that there is life outside the internet and her cell phone. The real world is out there and just waiting to be enjoyed and lived in.
This is a fun read with cool art and a lesson. Chloe is the perfect person to use in telling such a story.

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