RICH REVIEWS: Chloe # 5: Carnival Party

Title: Chloe # 5: Carnival Party (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Greg Tessier
Art and Color: Amandine
Translation: Joe Johnson & Nanette McGuinness
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Price: $ 8.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Carnival Party!” Chloe’s dad takes time off to spend time with her and her younger brother. Her dad wants them together all the time. For Chloe though it is to much time and to much doing things she does not like.
Chloe finds herself starting to enjoy being a part of bringing the carnival to life. Chloe gets to work with others including her dad and this does bring them closer together. Chloe is shown having so much fun and you can clearly see how happy she is.
The art is fun and cute. The colors are so amazing. Chloe is illustrated as one girl who enjoys life. Her smile is a beautiful thing.
The pin-up pages between chapters illustrate Chloe is some beautiful poses. She is a beautiful girl.
“Bonjour, my Friend!” Here Chloe gets an exchange student from England. Chloe lives in France. So Chloe is worried about a language barrier. It does take a little effort yet Chloe does try and trying can and does lead to success. Chloe and her exchange student find they do have things in common and can work around the language barrier. Chloe finds more than one exchange student for a friend. Chloe steps up and finds she is talented and she has fun.
Teen drama and teen fun fill these pages and Chloe has the best of times. Chloe is one ordinary girl who is special.

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