RICH REVIEWS: Children Of The Fall

Title: Children Of The Fall (GN)
Publisher: Arcana
Writer:/Illustrator/Colorist/Letterer: Wayne Young
Gallery Artists: Dave Doorman, Lian Sharp, David Mack
Price: $ 14.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A gunfighter helps two sisters to keep them alive as their uncle wants them dead. Their father sent this gunfighter. The one girl is illustrated as a beauty with lots of sexuality in her form that is well showed off. Her attire is something else but it works. The gunfighter is not illustrated to look special he appears as just an ordinary guy.
A killer comes after them. The fire fight is action packed and even explosive.
The backgrounds do give you a sense of this future world. It is a bleak and desolate place.
They travel to Southern Harbor City. To a ship to escape.
The Gunfighter is looking to redeem himself for past deeds.
This story is about hope for two sisters and for their future. It is not written as emotionally packed but it delivers a lot of emotions.

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