RICH REVIEWS: Chasing Hitler # 2

Title: Chasing Hitler # 2
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Created by: Hatley Nitz
Writers: Jai & Hayley Nitz
Art: Jethro Morales
Colors: Marie Enger
Letters: Chris Crank
Cover: Mike Norton
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Majors Taylor and Walsh are hunting Hitler. They do not believe he is really dead. The Majors get a new assignment which lucky for them ties in with the one they want. So they are now looking for Nazi scientists while Hitler is as well.
The two Majors learn where Hitler is going. They are determined to find him.
The chase is on and this issue they do get close. These two men want Hitler and they are stopping at nothing to get him. Hitler, of course, has his own plans.  He to is shown as a determined man. Can two Majors outsmart the leader of the Third Reich? We will see.
The art shows off the military soldiers in a realistic light. Hitler looks so different without his mustache.
You will start to feel the thrill of the chase here.

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