RICH REVIEWS: Cat & Mouse # 3

Title: Cat & Mouse # 3
Publisher: Silverline
Story: Roland Mann
Penciler: Alex Gallimore
Inker: Barb Kaalberg
Color: Kevin Gallegly
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Widowmaker and her trainee have Brett in their sights. The trainee and Brett have some rough and tumble action. They do know each other. The Widowmaker stays back which gives her a air of mystery. As this issue starts you come into it not knowing who these people are or why they are fighting and nothing is said about it.
Brett needs help to take down Widowmaker and Sifu is his first stop. All Brett is thinking about is rescuing Bobbi his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister.
Widowmaker is a criminal who preys on the young and innocent. The Widowmaker does have a nicely designed costume. She does come across as a petty minor league villain. Bobbi why she does just not leave the Widowmaker is a mystery. Why does she have to wait to be rescued when she can just walk away and wants to. Than she is given a reason why she must obey. Bobbi is being pushed she needs to push back though.
Who is this demon that is brought into the mix? Is he a real demon?
There is some nice emotions used in the characters. You will yourself starting to care about the characters.
The Widowmaker is involved in criminal activity that is depraved. Brett is being set up as the hero and if he can take down Widowmaker and save the day for all he will be. The characters are portrayed as your average minor league ones. Widowmaker in her costume does present an imposing figure.

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