Title: Casa Nostra (GN)
Publisher: Udon Entertainment
Written by: Chris Sarracini
Illustrated by: Nick Kilislian
Lettered by: Matt Moylan
Created by: Nick Kilislian and Chris Sarracini
Pages: 120
Price: $ 25.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chicago, 1933. One woman who misses her dad that she never met still thinks about him all the time. He may be a criminal at large but he is still her dad.
The gangster atmosphere is brought across in a noir style. The woman Claire is a classic beauty.
Claire runs the place, Sharleen is the medic, Annabelle she is a cute and lovable girl, and Rosa is a good cook and a better shot. These girls run the place. Rosa looks so good with Tommy guns in her hands.
Claire runs her place and it is a place where bad men can come for help. Carmine Rizzo aka the Butcher is sent to them he is a cold blooded killer who is completely sick who murders women in his spare time when he is not killing for the mob.
There is a wonderful panel with Claire in her underwear and it is drawn to so the time era. Very sensual without showing to much.
Rizzo shows his gratitude for the help and care he was shown in the safe house especially by Annabelle. Claire well is not happy how Rizzo acts and she has a plan to get even.
It is emotional as Annabelle does survive and does not seek revenge for what Rizzo did. Claire on the other hand is not so forgiving.
This is a fantastically illustrated drama of revenge that is going to leave you dreaming of days gone by of gangsters and women worthy of being women.

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