RICH REVIEWS: Captain Paiute # 0

Title: Captain Paiute # 0
Publisher: Native Realities Press
Story, Illustrations & Inks: Theo Tso
Colors: Nil Witchimichen
Letters: Lee Francis IV
Editor: Lee Francis IV
Price: $ .99 US digital, $ 3.00 US print
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story is about a proud indigenous super-hero. He is Pauite! His people have been abused over the years as have many indigenous people.
Captain Paiute’s origin is told here. He has the powers of a water spirit. His time to become ready is skipped over fast. This Captain Paiute though is inspiring. Captain Paiute does become the indigenous defender of the Southwest!
The art is simple but still brings across how much of a hero Captain Paiute is.
This brief 16 page comic is a great introduction to Captain Paiute

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