RICH REVIEWS: Captain Canuck Season 5 # 1

Title: Captain Canuck Season 5 # 1
Publisher: Chapterhouse
Written by: Ho Che Anderson
Art by: Felipe Cunha
Colours by: Donovan Yaciuk
Letters by: Andrew Thomas
Covers by: Ken Lashley, Ho Che Anderson, Andrew Thomas
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Michael Evans is the EQ CEO is building new power plants and they are operational. Tom is treated as a sidekick as the issue starts out he is just in the background. Oh, tricky writing. It’s not what you think.
Captain Canuck well he is shown in action and looks good in the poses. The almost pink colouring on his costume though. It should be a clear red colour. If Tom Evans is dead then who is Captain Canuck?
Michael has certainly mellowed. Kebec now is the new Captain Canuck’s sidekick or so it seems.
Michael has a way of having conversations in his head with his dead brother. In one way it makes since Tom was a hero. In another way it is a bit creepy talking to your dead brother, wanting his acceptance. He is doing more than just talking to him as well. Michael does have some serious mental problems.
Now these plants Michael has opened well lots consider them unsafe yet he presses on opening them. Michael thinks what he is doing is the right thing.
This comic is now going off in so many new directions. So many changes are made from previous issues. Whether or not these changes will work only a few more issues will tell.
Right now Michael Evans is the main character in this comic not Captain Canuck.

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