RICH REVIEWS: Captain Canuck # 19

Title: Captain Canuck # 19
Publisher: Chapterhouse
Written by: Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen
Layouts and Finishes by: Patrick Macchi
Colours by: Diego Albuquerque
Letters by: Andrew Thomas
Cover by: John Gallagher
Captain Canuck Created by: Richard Comely and Ron Leishman
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The world has been invaded by the Borealis. They are a vicious alien race. The human race though does not roll over and in Canada, the Canadian Super-Heroes do not give up.
The aliens have superior technology and they are bigger and stronger yet the human race especially as represented by Canadians do not give up, they fight on even with no hope of winning they never for a second even consider surrender.
Lance Valiant another super-hero is hard-hitting action in motion. He joins up with four other heroes they are the hope of the world. Michael as well has a plan and he will make any sacrifice to stop them.
As the super-heroes attack the aliens they are an inspiration. Captain Canuck and his brother Michael we see are at odds with each other. Michael made a promise and he will keep it no matter the cost.
The art gorgeously shows off the characters. The aliens on some level think they are in the right while the human race is shown so full of hope. The human race are fighters who do not roll over for anyone.
If you want to be inspired, this comic and its heroes deliver.

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