RICH REVIEWS: Canadian Corps # 1

Title: Canadian Corps # 1
Publisher: September 17 Productions
Written by: Andrew Lorenz
Pencils & Inks by: Justin Shauf
Colors by: Donovan Yaciuk
Lettering by: Rod Salm
Price: $ 7.00 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Warrant is an RCMP Officer and he has a mission to gather a group of superheroes and lead them against an alien ship. Flux, Shieldmaiden, Azure, Kid Mercury, Impact, Thunderhawk along Warrant make up this team, the Canadian Corps. This team has various powers and abilities and they have a willingness to do the right thing and help protect others.
The art is simple on the spaceship. The superheroes are illustrated with a Canadian flare. They do touch on the differences of the Canadian people.
This is a great introduction issue it tells you who all the main players are and sets up for the next part. There is a little action but there could have been a little more. It would have been nice to see an actual alien, not just a ship.
The all-Canadian superhero team is done with so much Canadian flavour to it. If you are a Canadian you will recognize it. If not then you will just enjoy a well done comic book.

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