RICH REVIEWS: Caesar’s Story

Title: Caesar’s Story
Publisher: Hachette Books
Author: Maurice
Illustrations by: Zachary Baldus
Cover Design by: Amanda Kain
Cover Illustration by: Zachary Baldus
Price: $ 20.00 US, $ 26.00 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a story told by Maurice and through him by others Caesar, Cornelia, Blue Eyes, Koba and more.
We learn about Caesar’s childhood and it was not what any child should have to go through. The art and photos are wonderful in their black and white portrayal of Caesar. Caesar’s childhood started out easy than things changed and he found out humans can be cruel creatures.
We are given a glimpse at how others see Caesar. Caesar is shown learning from humans, learning how to outsmart them. Than things begin to change as the humans stop coming. The humans leave them alone and it seems that maybe they have other things to occupy their time with now. With less humans around in the world the apes flourish. The apes build their own city.
The artwork throughout this book is gorgeously done and portrays the apes showing off their intelligence in their expressions. The drawings are subdued in nice soft tones.
This story is engrossing and moves along smoothly as you follow Caesar and his fight against both humans and apes. All he wants is peace yet he must fight for it.
This tale as told by Maurice and others is riveting and so full of emotion. You will believe these apes to be creatures worthy of living and surviving. Both humans and apes can be both good and bad here. Yet Caesar raises above them he is a ruler and leader in a class all his own.
Caesar is many things here; leader, father, husband, fighter. He shows the love he has for his fellow apes and this he is shown using to see them safe, to create a life for them. Caesar is a hero.

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