Title: C.A.T.S. # 1
Publisher: Destiny Horizons
Written & Created by: Frank J. Zanca
Pencils & Inks: Joseph Sanchez Diaz
Colorist: Walter Pereyra
Letters by: Anaid Melendez
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Well what better way to start off a spy book than with an assassination attempt. Cassie King aka Lynx at a concert goes into action. She is a well-dressed mother. The different thing here is she brought her family along on her mission. You are given the idea that maybe her son is part of the spies and that her husband knows what her real job is yet later on in the comic they do not. It is a bit confusing.
Cassie does have one amazing family. Her daughter stands out as cute and amazingly smart.
Cassie has a team of two operatives that work with her. They are hard-hitting when you see them in action. The sniper aka the Widow. This woman is illustrated beautifully. You just know she is going to turn up again.
Covert Anti-Espionage Team aka C.A.T.S. are Cassie’s team with her as leader and Min aka Prim as the tech nerd who definitely does not look like a nerd, and Frankie aka Scrap is the tough fighter.
The world of high espionage has three lovely ladies who are excellent at their jobs. The Widow though maybe better.
This is a good introduction to the world of high spies.

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