RICH REVIEWS: B&V Friends: Halloween Annual # 251

bandvfriendscomicsdoubledigest_251-1Title: B&V Friends: Halloween Annual # 251
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Costume Calamity” Ronnie’s so so costume gets a make over to become a winning one. Poor Ronnie she wins but losses.
“A Haunting We Will Go” Rumors can and do hurt others and in ways you might not think of. Also playing dress up can lead to unexpected results. Its a cute story with some humor in it.
“Who Is It?” A costume party leads to unexpected fun. The costumes are all great looking.
“In Search of Intelligent Life…on Earth” Aliens looking for intelligent life on Earth find Veronica and put her back. It will make you laugh. The aliens are drawn nicely.
“An Axe to Grind” Halloween is a night for fun and being scared and both happen in this story. Plus a relative comes to visit Veronica at just the right time. Great art as well to illustrate the costumes.
“The Pledge!” Betty and Veronica pledge to go a day without mentioning Archie’s name. All goes well until one thing happens. The pledge is one no one expected them to keep.
“Cinder-Betty” Betty shows that a modern girl is anything but helpless. She does not need a Prince but she wants one.
“Gridiron Gamers” The faces are drawn so stupidly here. They are a mess. Sometimes they are just so simply drawn. The gang are shown having fun and they do not let anything stop them from that.
“Dog Days” One dog can bring such joy and happiness to others. Well to almost all others. Poor Archie and lucky Adam.
“Shadow Play” Here Archie’s shadow and Betty’s go so well together. The shadow even manages to influence Archie. But like Archie his shadow is a flirt. It is strange watching the shadows acting as the characters but slightly different.
“Rare Scare” Here Sabrina and her family are unaware of their effect on others. Being monstrous creatures while thinking your ordinary does lead to hilarity.
“Escort” Veronica gets a most unusual escort for the Halloween dance. She does have fun though. It is a cute story but the punch line you will see coming from a mile away.
“The Big Prize” Veronica is competing yet again. She goes all out as she usually does. With Betty helping her it pays off but more so for Betty. Poor Veronica. The costumes are all illustrated so beautifully.
This is a great collection of stories to get you in the mood for Halloween.

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