RICH REVIEWS: Butcher Queen # 1

Title: Butcher Queen # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Writer: Jim Ousley
Art: Ben Sawyer
Price: $ 2.95 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Black Star City the year is 2120. Off-Worlders live here now among the humans.
Ms. Syd Kiowa appears to be some kind of private eye for hire. She is also referred to as the Butcher. Something happened where she killed some others but it is not really explained.
The story needs to be explained a lot better. What is going on? Why are we reading this comic? There are attacks going on mainly against the aliens but for what reason?
The art is soft and subdued. Nothing stands out about it except for Syd’s style of dress. She has a unique ordinary style that fits her character.
Syd does find Avina but so what who is Avina? Why should we care?
There is some action.
Overall this comic needs a focus on what the story is and it needs to explain what is going on so the reader has an idea. Better poses and clearer art would help as well. Syd may be a great character here though she is not used to her full potential.

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