RICH REVIEWS: Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside # 1

Title: Bunny Mask: The Hollow Inside # 1
Publisher: Aftershock
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist & Colorist:
Andrea Mutti
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Cover: Andrea Mutti with Colleen Coover
Variant Covers:  Andrea Mutti with Colleen Coover, Rafael Albuquerque, Joe Linsner, Mike Rooth, Tony Harris, John Bruggman, Celina, Leairis Cross, Matt Dalton, Gorkem Demir, Ariel Diaz, Landon Franklin & Brandon Franklin, Dan Gorman, Robert Hack, Javan Jordan, Jason Lego, Juan Navarro, Jeremy Parker, David Sanchez, Manu Silva, Bryan Silverbax and Ivan Tao
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A man on the street is found by a weird being who wants something from him. This is a frightening scene. It is unlikely to happen but if it did you would not know what to do.
A sheriff and a psychologist are discussing the Snitch and Bunny Mask. Bunny Mask is something unlike any being you have ever seen. Is she a force for good or evil or something else entirely?
The weird being from the start is still around and it’s called the Hollow. This creature will wipe you from existence.
The art is beautifully done in the way it brings across the unnerving horrific nature of Bunny Mask and now the Hollow as well.
Taylor and Bee have some drama going on. These are meant to be together. Just Taylor is afraid to make a move
Bunny Mask visits an old woman dying of cancer. She deserves to live more than those around her. Bunny Mask does treat those around the old woman as they deserve to be treated.
What is going on with Taylor and Bunny Mask? Why are they connected? Who or rather what is Bunny Mask? There are lots of mysteries here and the horror at times is palpable.
How are Bunny Mask and the Hollow connected? Or are they?
After the comic part, there is a Bunny Mask Short Story titled “Tiny Drops” written by Paul Tobin. Tilly is a woman who has a man try to take advantage of her. Bunny Mask steps in and she is in control. Bunny Mask does make the hunters the hunted and then she lets the prey watch. This story is about evil people getting what they deserve and about one person getting to enjoy that fact.
Bunny Mask you will not be sure if she is on the side of the angels or demons. She does have immense power.
You are left wondering should you like or hate Bunny Mask the character.

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