RICH REVIEWS: Bullwhip # 1

Title: All Time Comics Bullwhip # 1
Story: Josh Bayer
Pencils: Ben Marra
Inks by: Al Milgrom
Letters: Rick Parker
Colors: Matt Rota
Cover: Das Pastoras
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Bullwhip is trying to teach a man to respect women by whipping him and belittling him. A vampire teleports in from where and why is a mystery.
The comic seems to hold back. Bullwhip in action is mediocre. Bullwhip and her foe, Misogynist both are shown and drawn tame.
So this story is about time traveling vampires from the future. Well, that is different. The Guardian Angel of the Vampires is their protector.
Who is Raingod? He just shows up out of nowhere.
Grammar needed to be checked. A proofreader was needed for sure on this comic.
The final battle does have action as Bullwhip goes all out against the Misogynist and the Guardian Angel of the Vampires. She is prepared this time. Preparation does make all the difference here.
Bullwhip is a hero just wanting to protect others.

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