RICH REVIEWS: Brutal Nature # 1

Title: Brutal Nature # 1
Publisher: IDW
Written by: Luciano Saracino
Artwork by: Ariel Olivetti
Lettering by: Chris Mowry
Translations and Edits by: Carlos Guzman
Regular Cover: Ariel Olivetti
Subscription Cover: Ariel Olivetti
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art has a smooth look to it. The jungle provides for one of its natives in need.
The jungle holds many secrets and a man with many masks is one. The bear is beautifully illustrated and has a threatening look. The jungle holds many threats to the invaders. The masks are gorgeous and colored just right.
Ich the native with the masks is a hero for the jungle. He knows sorrow though knowing he cannot be everywhere and cannot save everyone.
The story needs a little explaining but what is shown and explained make this story exciting and breathtaking as you see a jungle at war as the Spanish invade it and the natives try to survive. Ich will be his people’s hero. He has a hero’s heart and soul and the means to defend his land.

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