Title: Bruno # 1
Publisher: Inverse Press
Writer: John Crowther
Artist: Rich Perotta
Colorist: Vito Potenza
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Bruno comes from the Old Country in Central Italy. Bruno was a child during WWII and in Italy, he had to endure hardship. His mother was so brave. She is an inspiration to mothers everywhere.
After much hardship, Bruno and his family joined his father in the United States. It was a happy reunion.
Bruno in the United States met with bullying and racism which lead him to bodybuilding and wrestling. He pushed himself so he would not be a pushover.
The art is in need of detail in it. It is boring, nothing pops out at you.
Bruno does come across as a good man who loves to work and work hard.
This issue does not get into his being a professional wrestler that is still to come in future issues. This issue does give you some insight into what helped shape the man and wrestler Bruno would become. He was truly one of the great wrestlers of all time.

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