RICH REVIEWS: Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises (TPB) Vol. 1

Title: Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises (TPB) Vol. 1
Publisher: Darby Pop Publishing
Created by: Shannon Lee & Jeff Kline
Written by: Shannon Lee, Jeff Kline, Adam Beechen
Pencils: Brandon McKinney
Inks by: Brandon McKinney & Michael Montenat
Colors by: Zac Atkinson
Letters by: Troy Peteri
Design by: Steve Blackwell
Front Cover by: Bernard Chang
Title Page Art by: Brandon McKinney & Zac Atkinson
Price: $ 16.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Comments: There is a wonderful introduction by Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter.
Bruce Lee has lost his memory and people are after him. He died forty years ago but is now back. He still has a good heart and naturally wants to help others.
So Bruce, his friend Joe Toomey and two kids Wren and Jax together are going to solve the mystery plus find the kids missing father. They do have some fun acclimated Bruce to the present time.
The mystery is why was Bruce frozen in that box? Why are the others as well? Who is the mysterious female Mastermind behind it all? She seems to have some ability at controlling a person’s body and their mind.
Bruce Lee is illustrated to look just how you would picture him in a comic book.
The story does start to bog down. There are lots of people moving around but not doing much.
Katya is a powerful Russian woman who has a plan, what it is is a total mystery.
We do get some of Bruce Lee’s philosophies. The man was very wise and inspiring.
There are also a few real life photos of Bruce that show him as the man he was.
This book collects five issues of the series.
Bruce Lee is a legend and you get to see him in action and read his words of wisdom. He was the world’s greatest martial artist.

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