RICH REVIEWS: Brigands # 3

brigands-3-of-5Title: Brigands # 3
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Writer: Ram V.
Artists: ROSH, Nick Barber, Kel Nuttall
Cover Artist: Mukesh Singh
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Veina, Desault, Griz and some other prisoners are all planning a breakout from the prison.
The art is very basic. It looks flat and emotionless. The faces need more detail in them.
Desault has a plan to get them out. It is a simple plan.
So the three Veina, Desault, Griz make it out of the prison and with Griz joining them continue on their quest. Dav the fake warden sets up for next issue with a hunt for our their thieves.
Poor art and a story that needs character development and action leave this comic in need.
Griz is a simple guy but one who is of good heart. He is big and strong and someone you would want in your corner in a fight. His character is likable.

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