Title: Briar # 6
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Christopher Cantwell
Illustrated by: Alex Lins
Colored by: Luis NCT with Assistance by Mar Silvestre
Lettered by: AndWorld Design
Cover by: Alex Lins
Variant Covers by: Dani Pendergast, Ariel Olivetti
Briar Created by: Christopher Cantwell & German Garcia
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Briar Rose and her friends are finding out that no one likes them or wants them around. Their spirits are low. Briar Rose is blaming herself for all that goes wrong. Lots of self-pity on display.
Grendrid is an evil being and she is after Briar Rose. Rose and the group are captured and go to jail. Spider, Roop, and Captain Bly have all been caught. Roop the magic user is the only one that gets a different type of sentence. Captain Bly well is being laid to rest. Spider and Rose well are going to find it hard to escape.
The story needs focus. They need a goal. What do they hope to achieve? Why are they even going on?
The art needs to better show off the characters. Some good poses are needed. Rose is a beautiful girl but here you just see a broken down female. The rest are shown as pitiful creatures.
The huge Island prison looks ominous.
The comic has so much potential yet it bogs down and wallows in self-pity. Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty, Spider is a young warrior, a magic user, and a living skeleton. All of these characters are not used yet should be. They make a fine collection of a variety of adventurers.

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