Title: Briar # 5
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Written by: Christopher Cantwell
Illustrated by: Alex Lins
Colored by: Luis NCT with Assistance by Mar Silvestre
Lettered by: AndWorld Design
Cover by: Alex Lins
Variant Covers by: Jenny Frison, Fabio Moon
Briar Created by: Christopher Cantwell & German Garcia
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: Briar Rose and her team save one diseased old cow. Yes, they are heroes, and a ragtag band they are. Spider, Roop, and Captain Bly make up her merry little band.
Briar Rose is on a mission to find Grendrid. Grendrid is an ancient witch and very powerful indeed.
The travelers meet up with the local law and of course, a battle breaks out. The battle affects Spider deeply. This fight is not one anyone wanted.
Is Briar Rose a Curse? Death does seem to follow her. Briar Rose and her crew are outcasts in this world. This Kingdom this wish to save may not wish to be saved. Rose seems to be doubts about herself.
This issue needed more excitement even though the fighting was boring. The one scene of emotion in the fight with Spider and a girl is a surprise and well done.
This is just a boring issue as it in no way makes you interested in what is going on. The art illustrates Briar as a down-on-her-luck girl. She is a Princess and a warrior yet here that is not apparent.

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