RICH REVIEWS: Breaking The Ten Vol. 1 preview

Title: Breaking The Ten Vol. 1 (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Writer: Sean Michael Wilson
Artist: Michiru Morikawa
Price: $ 12.99 US, $ 17.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The book starts off with a brief explanation of what is going on and this will be very helpful as you read the book.
“Chapter 1” A man has lost his wife and son. We see how upset and angry he is over it. Then David meets two people Mr. Black and Mr. White. We see David grieving. You begin to feel the terrible loss he has suffered.
“Chapter 2” David to get even with God or to try to get his attention plans to break commandments until God notices him. Coveting his neighbor’s wife is next. She is a cute looking thing. David is out to insult God, to do anything to get his attention to see if he really exists.
“Chapter 3” Mr. White and Mr. Black go back and forth arguing about religion. David basically just listens to them bickering. He does have his plan that he is sticking to. Exactly who these two Mr.’s are is not explained, you might think they are angels but them the way they talk they seem more like humans. It is a mystery.
“Chapter 4” David breaks another commandment and starts an all out riot. He is on a role. He is focused and nothing is going to change that. Mr. White and Mr. Black provide some comic relief. David’s character is one that so many of us can identify with, anyone who has suffered a lose certainly can.
“Chapter 5” In this chapter David is really going all out as he is turning evil. David visits the site of his wife and son’s gravestones and you will find your heart breaking for this man. He is reaching out for help but the one he wants it from does not answer.
This graphic novel touches on religion in a big way and our faith in it. David and his beliefs will hit home. He was just an ordinary guy enjoying life, love, family and then it all changed. The poor guy.

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