RICH REVIEWS: Born of Blood # 4

Title: Born of Blood # 4
Publisher: Merc Publishing
Written by: Dolan Waddick
Art By: Carlos Beccaria
Colors By: Sebastian Gonzalez
Letters By: Joel Rodriguez
Cover Art By: Sajad Shah
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: As Giaris saves Leonidas’s life yet again it is obvious to readers of this series how much she loves Sparta. Leonidas the King of Sparta is lucky to have her on his side. She does not like him yet she is loyal to Sparta.
Giaris and her enemy Syalla get into a fight. Both these women are drawn as beautiful and both are hard-hitting as they brawl in a savage battle. This fight is not one of grace or beauty it is about survival. This is not a battle between just two women it is one between two warriors willing to do whatever it takes to win. Things do get very bloody here. The art brings all of this across in all its savage beauty.
The story takes a different turn here as Giaris is given a helmet with special properties.
Princess Giaris is one of the most savage bloodthirsty ones you are likely to find yet it is all out of loyalty to Sparta.
It does take time but we see Giaris and Leonidas grow closer. The art has T&A nudity so this is a mature title along with the violence in it.
While the King and Princess were away drama was going on in the Spartan court. A new queen and King sit on the throne. Giaris and Leonidas’s return will shake things up. Giaris and Leonidas are not pleased with what has transpired while they were away.
This story is an epic tale of blood, loyalty, and what it means to be a Spartan.

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