RICH REVIEWS: Born of Blood # 3

Title: Born of Blood # 3
Publisher: Merc Publishing
Written by: Dolan Waddick
Art By: Carlos Beccaria
Colors By: Sebastian Gonzalez
Letters By: Joel Rodriguez
Cover Art By: John Royle
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Leonidas and Gairis stand together for Sparta yet both want the other dead. Yet they do work together and they are taken together by the Klepthes. Syalla leads her people and wants revenge on Diaris and all of Sparta.
Giaris is shown reaching up with just her fingers and pulling a man’s eye right out. It is a gory scene. How she does this is a mystery. Is she that strong? Syalla is just forgotten about. Did she leave or what? Why did Giaris and Leonidas forget about her their main foe here?
Leonides and Giaris are drawn all bloodied. They have a high pain tolerance.
As the two escape capture they find themselves no longer in Sparta.
The story here is not as hard-edged as in previous issues. The characters do not do a lot in this issue. The fighting is brief. The art needed to show off the people better. Yes, they are there but make them bolder, make them more in your face.
Giaris comes across as a watered-down warrior here. She should do what needs to be done. Giaris was shown as tough before and should be again.
More action was needed, more showing off the characters and a more interesting story were all needed here.
Giaris is a woman you could come to love reading this series.

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