RICH REVIEWS: Born of Blood # 1

Title: Born of Blood # 1
Publisher: Merc Publishing
Written by: Dolan Waddick
Art By: Carlos Beccaria
Colors By: Sebastian Gonzalez
Letters By: Joel Rodriguez
Cover Art By: Tim Vigil
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: From the beginning, you know blood and pain are going to be involved here.
King Cleomenes is gifted with a daughter yet we see his disappointment. Yes, he wanted a strong son. Instead, he got a beautiful daughter Giaris. On her eighteen birthday, she learns what it means to be a Spartan. Giaris’s training is intense. She must fight and learns well. It is not easy and the lessons she learns keep improving her ability.
A proofreader was needed on this issue. Both grammar and spelling needed to be checked.
The art illustrates the characters wonderfully. The men have muscles on display and the woman are beautiful. The art though does not show them as just sexual objects here they are equal. The fighting is shown realistically it is not drawn out to show off poses it is done to show people dying and people killing.
The King leaves Sparta along with most of its warriors. So Giaris and Mor her trainer step up. The Argives are invading and it is something else to watch Giaris in action this Queen to be of Sparta is a killer and she can fight, the flow of Sparta’s enemies’ blood does not bother her.
Is Giaris ready to be Queen of Sparta? After seeing her in action defending her empire there is no question. The King returns and he and now Princess Diaries stand together.
This is the beginning of Princess Giaris’s journey! The excitement has just begun.

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