RICH REVIEWS: Blue Wings Episode 2

Title: Blue Wings Episode 2
Publisher: Tapas Media
By: Xu Lu Ako
Translation: Yifei Yao
Typesetting: Alex Culang
Quality Control: Tadamori Yagi
Quality Control: Jade Law
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments:  “Replacement”
The mother lost a daughter four years ago and in her mind Skye her adopted daughter is not only her daughter’s replacement but also she thinks of her as her real daughter who died. The mother does come across as being mentally unstable.
It is only sixteen pages long so not enough time to fully get into the story and characters. Skye only says two words the whole episode.
You will find yourself starting to care about Skye. Such a cute girl with big blue eyes.

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