RICH REVIEWS: Blu Lullaby Vol. 1

Title: Blu Lullaby Vol. 1 (TPB)
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Chad Perkins
Art by: Andrea Montano
Cover by: Andrea Montano
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Book One: Safety Blanket”
We see Blu and he is a monster but one on the side of the angels. He protects children from being hurt even by their own family. Blu is like a monstrous giant bunny rat with a good heart. Blu is guided by a cute girl who has an organization Safety Blanket to protect children from things that they should not need protecting from but do.
Blu is illustrated as a big monster like creature while the girl is all in black yet has an angelic quality about her.
“Book One # 2: Teacher’s Pet”
A woman and her Blu are investigating the disappearance of children. Blu is drawn with a big toothy mouth. She is a mystery with no name. Halfway through this book the woman’s name is finally revealed its Winter. Winter is a strong woman set on stopping the disappearances. She decides to go undercover to make sure who the one responsible is her strongest suspect is the Principal.
“Book One # 3: School’s Out”
Winter and Blu are shown here with big hearts both care so much about stopping the disappearances of the children. Winter is a woman of action and once she finds out who is behind the disappearances she goes right after them. Blu her monster from under the bed is her backup. She finds more then she expected here.
“Book One # 4: Expelled”
Winter is attacked by a big ugly thing.
The more you see of Blu with Winter the more you will get the impression he is a creation of hers.
Here a young girl Samantha was terribly abused. So she decided to abuse other children. Winter and Blu know what to do.
Winter and Blu help children to find happiness. That is what they do. So anyone preying on innocent children beware these two will find you and make you pay most dearly.

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