Title: Bird Brain (PB)
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Author/Illustrator: Chuck Mullin
Price: $ 14.99 US, $ 19.99 Can
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Introduction
The author of this book does have anxiety problems. Now she uses pigeons to show what effects this has on her and people in general. You do get the feeling about how much the author has suffered and how much she has progressed in dealing with this. She is not just writing and drawing about this she has lived it.
 Bad Times
For sure mental illness does bring some bad times. The reality of anxiety is brought across here and shown realistically and done with some fun. Anxiety is like a roller coaster if life.
The use of pigeons works well to illustrate this book. The floating eyes are a cute touch.
Chuck does capture the true essence of mental illness. She exhibits a keen sense of humor.
The author’s attitude is so refreshing. She knows she has a mental illness and she deals with it as best she can and she accepts this. Chuck does have intimate knowledge about what she writes about.
She tells you about her personal experiences and how she feels about them and how she deals with them. It is wonderful seeing that she realizes she is the better person for no longer being in an emotionally abusive relationship.
  Chuck knows about how to start helping yourself and what it takes and how it feels. If you have a mental illness you can have happiness. This book gives a person hope.
  Reading this book and enjoying the illustrations may just help someone with a mental illness to feel better about themselves.

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