RICH REVIEWS: Big Bang Adventures # 26

Title: Big Bang Adventures # 26
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Front Cover by: Luis Lorente
Written by: Pedro Angosto
Pencils by: Luis Lorente, Jorge Santamaria
Inks: Luis Lorente, Juan Moreno
Colors: Adolfo Garcia, Javier Pacheco, Ulises Kuroshima
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ultiman is a hero who is having some problems. Yes, even heroes have them.
Venus, Ultiman, Night Watchman, and Mike Merlin who is telling the other three off. They are soon joined by Jon Cosmos, Hummingbird, and Mister Martian. Mike Merlin is doing his best to push these heroes to be heroes.
The RTA (Round Table of America) recruits many new members. Beacon, Megaton Nemo, and more join. We get a quick peek at some of their supervillains as well.
This book will take you back to the Golden Age of comics. The heroes are like the old Knights of the Round Table.
There are a lot of beautifully illustrated pin-ups in the back.
There are only nineteen pages of story in this book so it is short. Here we see the reforming of the RTA. This is a team with a variety of superheroes with all kinds of powers. It is very reminiscent of DC’s Justice League. There are enough differences for it to stand on its own.
Here as the team reforms with both new and old members, there are only glimpses of action. It is a great issue to introduce you to all the characters.
If you love old-style writing and art from a time when comics used to be great this is for you.

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