RICH REVIEWS: Big Bang Adventures # 22

Title: Big Bang Adventures # 22
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Written by: Pedro Angosto
Pencilled by: Jorge Santamaria
Inked by: Juan Moreno
Colored by: Ulises Kuroshima
Lettered by: Adam Pruett
Price: $ 5.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Whiz Kids find themselves battling some ancient beings of power. A lot is going on and no explanation for it. Galahad the leader of the Whiz Kids does have an authoritarian personality.
The team does work as one and they are proud to be on the team. They support each other in battle. Gargoyla is a strong character and a powerful creature.
Galahad reaches his goal as his teammates still fight on. As Moray enters the fray she makes a grand entrance.
This team of Whiz Kids are based on ancient Greek Mythology. Galahad looks much better in his white outfit and as the White Knight it certainly fits him better.
The team members we do not get to learn who most of them are. It would make this issue much better if we knew who these people are.
The new Round Table of America does look impresssive. There are way too many heroes in this to keep track of them all. They are a great variety with various powers. The heroes Galahad and the rest set an example for all those who see them in action.

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