RICH REVIEWS: Big Bang Adventures # 18

Title: Big Bang Adventures # 18
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Front Cover: Ron C. Williams
Inside Front Cover: Rob & Joe Sharp
Ultiman Meets Faust’s Four:
Story: Gary S. Carlson
Pencils: Ron C. Williams
Inks: Mike Matthew
Colors: Shayne Cui
Faust’s Four Pinups:
Art: Frank Fosco
Colors: Carlos Garrison
Ultiman and the Ultra Baby:
Story: Gary S. Carlson
Art & Colors: Jeff Weigel
Price: $ 4.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Ultiman Meets Faust’s Four” Ultiman is summoned by the Pentagon. There are easter eggs for other companies’ comics hidden within these pages. Fredrick Faust and his team launch their spaceship. Ultiman battles a demon and makes short work of him. The art style is like comics from the nineteen seventies. It is beautiful to see it. As you read this story you get the feeling of Superman vs an evil Fantastic Four. Fredrick Faust and his team crash land back on Earth and find out they now have magical powers and they fight Ultiman. While using other heroes as guides is nice it does lack originality.
Faust’s Four are Visible Man, Vesuvius, Wisp, and Glob. The villain behind all this is a total surprise. Ultiman is portrayed as powerful and pure of heart. He is a true superhero.
“Faust’s Four Pinups” The four pin-ups all look great and provide you with a write-up about each character. These are wonderful.
“Ultiman and the Ultra Baby” Ultiman has a baby daughter Christie. Christie gets a hold of some Ultranium which is deadly to Ultiman. Aw, these two do love each other and while it seems for a minute things might go badly alls well that ends well. Love does make things right.

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