RICH REVIEWS: Big Bang Adventures # 15

Title: Big Bang Adventures # 15
Publisher: Big Bang Comics
Written by: Gary Carlson
Art by: Ronald C. Williams
Colored by: Glenn Whitmore
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ultiman was attacked yet he stands tall. Someone used his own devices against him. Now Shutterbug jumps onto the scene. A team-up of course ensues. Shutterbug does jump out at you as he makes his appearance.
Megaton looks like a powerhouse. Ultiman once he is fully charged up is a Superman and yes he will remind you of him and Megaton is similar to Shazam.
Dexter Cortex is the enemy he does not seem like a challenge. The story does drag on with the heroes standing around talking without much fighting. Plus what does Dexter want other than to beat Ultiman or is that it?
Ultigirl is gorgeous and illustrated is a sexual beauty. She takes after her dad being extremely powerful yet she is only shown after her battle. So no action again. Ultiman and Shutterbug do get to fight a giant robot made of old computer parts the battle does not last long.
The super-heroes are great just not fully used as they should be. More actual showing of fights would add more excitement and knowing more about the villain would help as well. The ending does seem to up Dexter Cortex Villian wise and his dangerousness.

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